Naval Architecture & Engineering – Exterior Design – Interior Design
Project Management – Refitting – Work Boats

Naval Architecture & Engineering

The Studio uses Computational Fluid Dynamics calculations and actual tank tests. Thanks to this wide experience, the Studio can examine all naval architecture aspects, such as hydrostatics, stability, performance forecast, structural dimensioning and plants.

Exterior Design

The design of a yacht is a blend between shape and function: our team of designers and engineers guarantees such perfect balance. Three dimensional models, renders and animations allow our Customer to follow constantly the project spiral.

Interior Design

Classic, modern, contemporary, futuristic: our Studio can tailor-design any style, following our Customers wishes.

Project Management

Our staff follows constantly the building of the yachts of our design. We check the correspondence of the construction with the drawings, the specifications the contract and the Register’s rules. We release written reports, including pictures and videos.


The Studio has the ability of transforming any vessel into a superyacht. All modification design works comply with naval architecture skills, Register’s rules and owner’s wishes.

Work Boats

The huge experience of the Studio allows the team to design any work vessel, strictly following technical aspects and Customer’s specifications.